Kostas Andreadis was born and bred in Thessaloniki. He spent all of his childhood and teenage years by the sea at campsites where his father worked. It is there that he was first initiated with the water element at an early age. The sea was to play a primary role in his life. He is a physical education teacher and a coach for long distance running. For years he had been the coach of the National Team.

In 1990, after graduating from the Gymnastics Academy he obtains his first scuba diving degree. In the years to follow he dives with a frenzy so as to gain experience from experienced foreign divers of the time. In 1995, he works at a diving centre at first as an assistant and after that as a lead diver and underwater guide in Kalamitsi Chalkidiki. In 1999, after 9 whole years of experience he becomes an assistant trainer at the diving centre he was working for. In 2000, he is trained by German instructors and he obtains the title Scuba Diving Instructor. This is the year he decides to leave Thessaloniki and to move to Veria. In 2001, he establishes a Diver’s group in Veria and introduces scuba diving. He publishes a newspaper called “Diving News”. He opens up a dive café, in cooperation with some of his friends, which becomes the hangout for all those who do scuba diving and he begins to work on the training of scuba divers in a city where nobody till then knew the meaning of scuba diving. Many underwater activities and events are to follow, along with voluntary work for him and his friends. Consequently, scuba diving quickly becomes popular in the Prefecture of Imathia and the group of divers is continually growing. In 2002, he obtains his second instructor degree in scuba training. In 2003, the idea of the first Athletic Nautical Club is born and the first president was a friend and student of his. In 2004, N.A.S.H. (Athletic Nautical Club of Imathia) is officially founded. He was cooperates with the local authorities: Police, Fire Department and the body of Civil Protection in various voluntary diving activities.

In 2007, Kostas and his friends decide to found their own exclusive club and he takes on the role as first president of the club. The Recreational Scuba Diving Club becomes the first organized scuba diving team in Greece to deal solely with the activity of scuba diving. At the same time he continues with his professional training in scuba and he joins the acknowledged by the Greek State organization of certification for scuba diving SSI. In the same year he publishes his book “A Manual for Underwater Guiding” in which he writes about all of his experience and passion for scuba diving. In 2008, under the auspices of the Union Scuba Diving Thessaloniki (E.A.T.H.) he presents his book to the public along with his work “Historical Evolution of Diving”. In 2009, he creates the official website for the Recreational Scuba Diving Club and he presents a lot of original technical scuba diving articles in Greek, while simultaneously translating and presenting various articles by foreign writers.

His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines, leaflets and on the Internet. He is the creator of the CONDUCT CODE for Scuba Divers. He is the instigator of the SCUBATHLON, an innovative sport conducted exclusively with breathing apparatus machines, and POWER SCUBA, a vigorous exercising program for divers in a swimming pool. In 2010 he becomes a specialist instructor and he creates and institutes the standards for the diving specialty Health & Fitness Diver which he himself teaches. In 2011 he is awarded with the honorable title Awareness Century Instructor. In 2012 he becomes a Scuba Ranger Instructor for kids from 7 to 12 years old and Science of Diving Instructor.

On May of 2012 is the founder and creator in diving school Diveworld Scuba Center located at Plaka Litohoro in Pieria, Greece inside the Litohoro Olympus Resort Villas & Spa Hotel He is a General manager and responsible for training of divers. In 2013 he become official translator of DAN EUROPE for Greek language and contributor of DAN, rewarded with recognition level to Silver Instructor, a DiveMaster Instructor and also a React Right Instructor for First Aid (FA) – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Automated External Defibrillation (AED) and as well an Oxygen Administrator (O2).

At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 he become a Dive Control Specialist Instructor, rewarded with recognition level to Gold Instructor in SSI and also become an Assistant Diver in DDI (Disabled Divers International).

From April 2015 he live in Crete and he is working like educational manager at Kalypso Dive Center, one of the biggest DC in Greece.

In 2016 he working over his second book about motor skills procedures in scuba diving.

In the scuba diving community Kostas is one of the most famous divers in Greece with 25 years of experience, his degrees in scuba diving are from various organizations such as SSI, CMAS, PADI, VDST, UDI, FFESSM, EOYDATK, he is characterized by his educational training, his passion for conveying his knowledge to his students and his transmissibility in the teaching of scuba diving.



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